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Tips for Home Buyers

Helpful Tips Every Home Buyer Should Know

Buying a home either to rent or live in is a big decision. Many times, new homeowners can make rookie mistakes that start their dream of owning a home off on the wrong foot. Our experience as professional Hillsborough County realtors and property managers has enabled us to create this small list tips to hopefully help you make your home buying process a little easier.

Location Matters

Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties offers a wide range of home options which will serve your need depending on your priorities. We can help you decide which priority is more important to you... choosing a smaller home in your favorite part of town or a more spacious property located somewhere a bit further away. Let us guide you in making educated evaluations in the home-buying process, ensuring your happiness in your final decision.

School Districts Add Value

Choosing a location with a good school district is very important even if you do not yet have children. It is worth your time to ensure you confirm the best schools in the area, it can affect the value of your home. The better the schools and closer the home is to those schools, the more value the home may have. This can also affect the value if you are choosing an investment property, as it can increase the appeal your home may have to renters and families. 

Home Inspections

If there is defect identified during your home inspection, use this discovery to your benefit. All Ready Property Management can help you get an accurate repair or replacement quote which, you can be used during negotiations, sometimes enabling you save extra cash and stay within your budget. Extra cash sometimes helps with those optional upgrades on your wish list. 

Leave Renovations to the Professionals

Being a do-it-yourselfer can be very tempting simply for the thought of saving money. Many times, however, one can spend more than the cost of what hiring a professional would have been, oftentimes putting new home buyers over budget. We can assist you in finding the right professionals who can be trusted with the renovation work you may need. The goal is to ensure that renovations are done by professionals who will use high quality materials that will last. 

Change Your Bid Strategy

Have you lost out on the home of your dreams because your bid was too low? This happens often when the sellers feel you are trying to low-ball them or there are multiple offers on the table. Most Hillsborough county realtors will probably remind you to bid closer to the original asking price due to active market conditions. Your bid should be strong enough to at least meet the seller’s base price. A high bid also means the seller will be more agreeable during negotiations for other things, such as closing costs and down payments.

HOA Documentation

Meticulously review all the HOA documents for your potential new home. This will help you avoid unwanted surprises in the future. Look out for terms and conditions that have future implications. For example, when additional fees and charges begin after a few years, be sure to include those additional fees in your budget calculations. Be aware of community restrictions and conditions, as they may affect your lifestyle. For more information, don't hesitate to contact All Property Management. We are happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Appliance Warranties

Be aware of the warranties on the home appliances in your potential new home. Warranties provide you peace of mind in the event that your appliances require repairs in the future.

Home Owners Insurance

Ensure your policy shows clearly what will be covered in the event of fire or water damage to your property as well as your belongings. Once you have settled into your new home, make a videotape or photograph of all valuables in their insured condition. Be sure to include  serial numbers, dates of purchase and any other information in your documentation. Flood insurance should be considered, as it is not only for people who live near flood zones. Flooding can also happen due to leaky faucets and water main breaks. It's very important to know exactly what is included in insurance protection coverage.

At All Ready Property Management, we serve Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Patrick Skidmore
Patrick Skidmore